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We're available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Same day service is available with private cremations.

Receiving Your Pet

When your beloved friend passes, he or she may be received from your residence or veterinarian's office. We offer transportation for your pet from your residence (an additional charge is added) or veterinarian's office (at no extra charge) or you may transport your pet to our facility. All pets are identified with name tags including the name of your pet, your name and the date of arrival at our facility. A numbered metal tag remains with your pet prior to, during, and after the private or individual cremation process for permanent identification purposes. The remains of all pets, cremated privately or partitioned, are placed in our standard urn unless you wish to purchase another style of urn. A Veterinarian Authorization Form can be downloaded here.

Viewing Room

If you and your family would like to spend some special time with your beloved friend, we can assist you. A private room has been prepared for this service and can be reserved for you by appointment.

Urns for Your Pet

We have a large selection of fine urns for your pet at very reasonable prices. Click ABFPC Catalog May 2017.pdf  to download a catalog.  A Beloved Friends also offers many unique ways to memorialize your pet including paw prints, pendants and engraving. Feel free to visit our office anytime to discuss your ideas or just to have a look at our products.  We're always  happy to answer questions or offer suggestions. 

Clay Paw Prints 

We offer beautiful handmade clay paw prints for your pet. All are handcrafted, fired and finished at our facility.  Our goal with our paw prints is to capture the unique character of your pet's paw in a finish that naturally highlights the print itself.  In addition we offer black ink paw prints on paper. Please call us with any questions. 

Private Cremation Service

A private cremation is when your pet is gently and respectfully placed in the crematory and cremated alone. At no time are there any other pets inside the cremation equipment except your pet. The remains at the end of the cremation cycle belong only to your pet and you will receive all of the remains.

We are always receptive to your needs should you have a special request. Pet owners may bring in flowers, or a special toy to be cremated with their pet. They may also bring a poem to be read at the time of cremation. A pet owner desiring a private cremation may use our viewing room. Pet owners may wish to witness the start of the cremation process, and with our on-site cremation unit this will always be an acceptable part of the service. The remains of your pet will be placed in our standard urn or urn of your choice.

A certificate of cremation is provided to the pet owner and cremation remains are available immediately after the cremation is completed. The pet owner may pick up the urn or it may be delivered to the veterinarian's office. There is no additional charge for special scheduling.

Partitioned Cremation Service

A partitioned cremation service is when your pet is gently and respectfully placed in the crematory and cremated with other pets. Each pet is placed in his own cremation area separated by fire bricks in the crematory. A numbered metal identification tag remains with your pet. The remains are removed from the crematory individually with great care. The remains are placed in our standard urn, or the urn of your choice and returned to the pet owner or veterinary clinic. A certificate of cremation is provided to the pet owner.

Communal Cremation

Communal cremation means that your pet will be gently and respectfully placed in the crematory with several other animals. The remains of these animals are not separated during the cremation, and the ashes cannot be returned to you if you choose this service. The ashes will be scattered respectfully in a scenic area at the discretion of the crematory. They are never taken to a landfill or rendering company. The services can include the transport of your pet from your veterinary hospital or your home (charges apply). A certificate of cremation will be provided to the pet owner.



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