Special Care for Service

guide-dog-1.jpgAll animal companions are special to us, but perhaps none give as much as our service dogs. From seeing eye guide-dogs to police K-9 dogs to dogs who serve in our military or are companions to our veterans, these animals enrich our lives like few others.

A Beloved Friends Pet Crematory is honored to offer special care for these outstanding pets and their owners.

mil-dog.jpgFor active duty police dogs or military service dogs we offer cremations free of charge. For seeing eye dogs, therapy dogs and other service pets, we offer a 50% discount on cremation services.

For the dogs (and other pets) of US veterans, we offer a twenty dollar discount on cremation services. Pets of active duty service members receive a 50% discount on services. 

Please contact us to find out how we may be of service to those dogs who have done so much to serve us.