My Pet Has Passed – What Now?

  1. Contact Us as soon as you are able - We’re available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 775-825-9900 to make arrangements, ask questions or address any concerns. 
  2. Care for Your Pet – Once you’ve contacted us it’s time to take care of your pet.  Try to wrap your pet in a few blankets or towels. It is typically not necessary that you place your pet in a freezer. Call us and we can offer guidance that is specific to your situation.
  3. Care for Yourself – This can be a very difficult, emotional time for you and other members of your pet’s family. To most of us, it means the loss of a family member. It’s imperative to allow yourself time to grieve and many don’t expect the loss to be as difficult as it is. Remember, grieving is a natural and necessary process. If you’re alone, consider calling a friend or family member; especially one who understands the weight of the loss you’re experiencing. It may be beneficial to have them come to your residence.  If you feel you need to speak with someone please call us. We have certified grief counselors on staff and all of us here know what it means to lose a pet.  With us, there is never a silly question or a feeling that isn’t valid.

    For some immediate on-line help click  There are chat rooms available at specific times and several useful links to help you.
  4. Begin the Healing Process – It’s never too early to begin the healing process following the loss of a pet.
    1. Be kind to yourself. Remember that everyone grieves differently and it's important to take all the time you need.
    2. Keep a private journal where you can freely express all the feelings you're experiencing. There are no rules with this journal; it should exist just for you. 
    3. Consider gathering photos and keepsakes that remind you of your beloved friend. These items can be put together in a scrapbook or an online photo album to memorialize your pet in the way you see fit.
    4. Share your favorite stories about your pet. Tell people about that funny moment or the special bond you shared. It’s ok to share a remembrance on social media if you feel moved to. Other pet lovers will appreciate your story. 
    5. Say a prayer. Give thanks for your friend and all of the experiences you shared.
    6. Plan a farewell ceremony to honor the memory of your pet.
    7. Volunteer your time or donate to a pet shelter or rescue group in memory of your pet.
    8. We like the story of the Rainbow Bridge. Many find it comforting. Perhaps you will too. Click here to read it.

Remember – we are here to help. Please contact us any time.



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